GK questions

21. Who faced inquisition as he questioned Geocentric theory?

(a) Newton
 (b) Ptolemy
(c) Galileo
 (d) Kepler

22. Who was known as ‘the magician of Menlo Park’?

(a) Edison
(b) Einstein
(c) Oppenheimer
 (d) Daimler

23. Who formulated ‘Laws of Gravitation’?

(a) Dunlop
(b) Faraday
(c) Edison
(d) Isac Newton

24. The Indian who got Nobel Prize for the study about stars:

(a) CV Raman
(b) S Chandrasekhar
(c) Meghanath Saha
(d) JC Bose

25. Who discovered Safety Razor?

(a) Gillette
(b) James Puckle
(c) Waterman
(d) Dunlop

Answer:   21(c) 22(a) 23(d) 24(b) 25(a)

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